Christopher Phillips


Christopher Phillips has had a passion for investment since taking an extracurricular course on the subject when he was an undergraduate student at the College of William & Mary (Williamsburg, Virginia), where he received a Bachelor of Arts in Government. In a classroom competition, Chris was allowed to invest in stocks over the course of the academic year and parlayed that into nearly a quadruple gain, garnering him first place in the competition. He comes by this honestly. His father, an electrical engineer and high ranking supervisor with the Department of the Navy, moonlighted in mutual fund sales, stocks and life insurance. Though Chris was accepted into the MBA program in the prestigious Darden School of Business at the University of Virginia, he chose to pursue a career as a writer, but never lost his passion for the world of investing.

Chris did eventually go on to earn advanced degrees in the Natural Sciences, in Education, and in the Humanities, and a Ph.D. in Communications, all while fulfilling his dream of becoming a successful writer. He has authored of a number of acclaimed books, including the bestsellers ‘Socrates Cafe: A Fresh Taste of Philosophy’ and ‘Six Questions of Socrates: A Modern-Day Journey of Discovery through World Philosophy.’

Chris is the founder of the nonprofit Democracy Cafe ( and has launched an array of inquiry initiatives, including Socrates Cafe, which has resonated the world over. He has also been a senior fellow at the National Constitution Center, an ethics fellow at Harvard University, and a senior writing and research fellow at the University of Pennsylvania, where he developed an taught a widely appealing course on ‘Money and Democracy.’ Chris is also the 2012 recipient of the Distinguished American Leadership Award.

A fluent Spanish speaker, Chris’ aims as a registered Investment Advisor Representative with Martin Capital include helping serve our Spanish-speaking clients and to further collaborate on a variety of projects, including developing ever more effective communications and diversified investment strategies. More information about Chris can be found at

To contact Christopher, e-mail him at