Liz Avelar


Liz is highly experienced as a marketing & sales consultant focusing on brand identity development, the psychology of consumer buying habits, sales process architecture & implementation, and has specialized training in product launch techniques from some of the top consultancy firms in the USA.

Liz was named and awarded “The Visionary” accolade from Ford Motor Company and was also named as “The Best of Our Community” by Univision Communications for creative community initiatives. Throughout her professional career, she’s developed numerous corporate brand identities, merchandise package designs, sales systems, and launched new products & brands within various industries including, aviation, hospitality, automotive & motorcycle, cosmetics, and numerous others.

Liz earned a bachelor of science degree with honors from the University of Texas, San Antonio and is a licensed Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) private pilot. In her spare time, Liz has been training for her first triathlon and is producing a documentary on a special social cause.

To contact Liz, e-mail her at