Whether we may admit it or not, navigating our lives is often an exploration of unknown realms and uncharted territory. From saving for a child’s education to preparing for retirement, every investment decision must be made with a vision clearly focused on the destination ahead. Like the ocean, markets rise and fall, creating environments only the most seasoned and weathered captains can traverse with great results. At Martin Capital Advisors, LLP, our voyage together begins with equipping our clients with a proven strategy that will endure the tempestuous storms of the financial seas.

Founded upon principles of performance, transparency, and trust, Paul Martin, chief investment officer and managing partner, launched Martin Capital Advisors, LLP, a registered investment advisor firm in New York City in 1989. After making San Antonio its primary office location in 2002, Martin Capital has continued its legacy of award-winning performance in managing tailored equity, balanced, and conservative investment portfolios.

Unlike broker-dealers, banks and insurance companies, Martin Capital operates under a fiduciary duty; a solemn and legally binding obligation for a firm to act only in its client’s best interests. Also, our easily accessible third-party verified performance track record, competitive fee structures, tax efficient investment returns, and options hedging strategies set us apart from other money management firms.

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