Sailing Through Life Bound To The Mast Of The Ship Of Inquiry

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January 8, 2019


By his own reckoning, Paul Martin’s nature has remained essentially unchanged since he was about 7 years old. Far from making him someone “like stone,” as Jean-Paul Sartre characterized those who did not change in the passing years, it is what has led Paul to remain ever open and childlike in the best sense — filled with a boundless curiosity, insatiable sense of wonder, and passion for inquiry. An accomplished artist, dedicated philanthropist, entrepreneur, philosophical thinker, beloved friend and mentor, not to mention Founder, Managing Partner and CIO of the quite successful Martin Capital Advisors , a Registered Investment Advisor, it’s safe to say that Paul is guided and driven by the ship of inquiry. In this latest confab with Paul, our fifth on this podcast, we tack from theme to theme — from the philosophical to the financial to the sublimely creative — all interrelated and highly illuminating, in my estimation. Listen in.